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In the year 2002 our firm was born to make and distribute sliding slides for mechanical industry and for wood and furniture industry.

Over the year 2015, in cooperation with an important customer who purchase our console slides in large quantity, we started to sell, exclusively on-line, also consoles, achieving immediate success.

Today our range is constituted by only one model in two different colours, but over the next months we have the intention to include other models, in order to cooperate also with other customers who make metal sheet/wood consoles, metal sheet/glass consoles, glass/wood consoles.

The console is an extremely clever product which meets the needs with the times: each family needs to use a table for 12 people at least 2-3 times a year (birthday, Christmas, Easter, religious confirmation, baptism), but due to home dimensions very few have it.

Our website addresses in particular to foreign markets where furniture industry is known for product quality and wants to become a point of reference qualified exclusively as console sales in every shape and size, in which our customer can find the solution to space problems with great sale prices, to celebrate each recurring event in all serenity.